Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cue the Horror Music- I'm Baaack

After a long break, much house and job hunting, and many days of contemplating the sadness of living out of one's car, I now have not only a roof over my head but also a steady internet connection here in Atlanta. So I have returned to blog on as regular a basis as I can; which is to say, probably not often; I will shortly be starting a new job that will demand most of my time.

I've finally caught up on everyone else's blogs, and am happy to see that Albany stays the same extremely corrupted place in my absence. Oh, wait, is that something I should be happy about?

On that note, I would like to take a moment to say list the things I miss about Albany.

1) Jerry Jennings. I have have to love the irony of him being called "Orange" when he attends local events like Hair of the Dog concerts, but man, that guy needs to learn the benefits of a real tan. However, the days of walking into McGeary's for lunch and seeing him there will be missed.

2) Lark Street. Oh, my god, do I wish we had Lark Street here. We have this place called Little 5 Points, but it's not the same. No place else in this world will ever live up to Bomber's in my eyes, and I got my first tattoo at Lark Tattoo, so it holds a special place in my heart.

3) The Corning Preserve. If you haven't gone for a walk here yet- why the hell not?! It's the perfect place to go on an hour lunch break and forget about work.

4) Channel 13 news.

5) Metroland. I get down here and they have this paper called "Creative Loafing", so I'm like yay! Metroland with a different name. I open it up and flip through- where is the reporting on local music? Where is the article on local happenings gone awry- and OH MY GOD, WHERE IS DAN SAVAGE? Don't take this gem for granted. Trust me, you'll miss it too if you ever leave. Creative Loafing's idea of "Best Of" is three pages of the best movies, CDs, and local clubs of 2005. Not nearly as comprehensive at Metroland's "Best of".

6) The convenience of being able to drive to Bennington, VT, Williamstown, MA, Boston, New York, Saratoga, Lake George, CT, Maine, Buffalo, Montreal, etc on a whim. Just trust me on that here. Down here if you drive long enough to get out of the suburbs, you may find a real life reenactment of the dreaded "Squeal like a piggy!" scene from Deliverance. Oh, and many of the rural counties are dry counties. Not too much else other than what's right in Atlanta unless you want to drive at least 4 hours to Savannah, although I will say, Stone Mountain is great for hiking.