Monday, November 21, 2005

Back after a long slumber...

I apologize to any readers for the fact I haven't been able to update consistenly since the 7th. I was having router problems, so I was unable to post.

I wanted to write a blog about Albany shows in hopes that more people will realize what a gem we have here. Valentines (New Scotland Ave) provides the perfect outlet to thse in the punk and hardcore underground scene who want to experiance a show environment that can be rough, cramped, and some great fun. With groups like the Adicts and the Casualties, Valentine's draws local and national bands that are of growing notoriety on the underground scene; and one of the major draws is that in such an intimate setting, one normally has the chance to actually talk to band members before and after they go on to play. Valentine's is not for the weak of heart though, as the crowd can get ready and moshing is allowed.

Northern Lights (Clifton Park) offers a great draw of bands that get frequent radio play. The Dresdan Dolls, CKY, and many others have graced the stage here, and the price of tickets is very reasonable (generally under $15).

However, the Pepsi (South Pearl) and the Palace (North Pearl) offer the biggest shows in terms of the area. The Pepsi recently had the Rolling Stones, and has had bands like Tool, and upcoming shows are the likes of Bon Jovi and Lenny Kravitz. The Palace recently hosted Trey Anastasio, formerly of Phish, a Perfect Circle, and also occasionally hosts comedy shows.

Up and coming is the reopening of Proctor's theatre, which will probably be the jewel of the next two years, having confirmed performances of Phantom of the Opera (a play I would recommend to anyone) and the hit play the Producer's. Any Broadway fan will be pleased to be living in the Albany area when these shows start running, although I would not expect tickets to these events to be cheap.

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