Saturday, December 03, 2005

Tearing down another block... maybe

So, when I was out on a date the other night, I heard a rumor that a section of Albany around Delaware Ave was set to be torn down under imminent domain for a school or state buildings. Does anyone know if a) such a rumor is true and b) if so, what block they are planning to do this to? I'm going to try to contact some friends who know the higher-ups in Albany, but I'm not terribly patient, so if anyone has info, please email me.


libtard said...

I have a call I can make tonight that will know for sure. I will post later tonight to let you know.


libtard said...
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libtard said...

Ok, so I made my call. Not sure if this is the same thing you're talking about.

They're trying to rezone the location of the old Eden Park Nursing home, at the corner of Hackett Blvd and Holland Ave, so that a Walgreens can move in. They believe it will tie in nicely with the new hotel that's going to be built near the hospital.

There was also an article in the Times Union this morning about the Common Council meeting from last night.

As for demolition on Delaware Ave itself, there are no current plans that they’re aware of.

Hope this helps,


Miss Muffet said...

Thanks for the info Libby! A friend of mine was worried about the entire demolishment of the homes and was curious about it in respect to preserving architecture in the home like fireplaces, etc.. and I thought it'd make a juicy article if it panned out. But I rest better knowing the rumor was false!

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Carl said...

Sounds like a few different projects may be getting confused. There is a plan to redevelop the Morton Avenue area (Park South), where eminent domain was being spoken of but last article I saw indicated the city was shying away from its use there. In addition, PS 18, which is off Delaware and straddles a city block (but doesn't take up an entire block) between Bertha and Hurlbut, has been torn down and is being replaced with an entirely new school building. I don't know about the Eden Park proposal.